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Why Yin Yoga?

I started Yoga while leaving in Hong-Kong and was struggling with the practice back then. When I came back in Paris, I discovered the Bikram Yoga and after few classes I found the Iyengar study next to l'Arc de Triomphe. Back in 2009, I must admit that even going once a

week was tricky but I got hooked yo rapidly and started going twice a week. With my extremely active mind, it was hard to focus and for the first time in my life, I could empty my head for 90 minutes in a row and was feeling energised and with so much space within. Not a single time, I have wanted to leave the class before the end (which was normally what was happening to me in any topics as I am getting board rapidly). Though with yoga, I was learning every second and I am still learning. Few years passed and I opened my mind to other styles of yoga but was always going back to Iyengar with some of my favorite teatcher including Helen who is on our team. I was running everywhere, couldn't find time to rest and I met Camille, a Yin Yoga instructor who knew how to talk to me. I attended few of her classes and realised that it was completing my practice very well. After 10 years of practice I wanted to learn more and asked Camille if she was planning of doing a teacher training... Few months later I certified as a Yin Yoga Teacher.

I love being the student of my students as my teaching is growing in their presence. I am inspire by years of Iyengar practices and the energy of the now.  



1- When & Where

Classes are help in the intimacy of a Parisian Appartment in the 16th, in front of the fire places when it is really cold outside. 

The schedule's classes are every Mondays 18h30-20h00.

Classes also can be arranged on demand via zoom, at your home or for retreats. 

All classes are Taylor Made


2- Level

You do not need to have practice yoga before. From beginners to expert, you will discover something new. 
I will ask you if you have injuries and will adapt using props and sometime alternative postures. 


3- What do you need

You may bring you mat though I have some. The important thing is for you to have confortable clothes and a large comfy scarf for Sivasana (the last asana) as we tend to get chilly while holding poses for 4 to 8 minutes. 


4- What are the benefits of Yin Yoga

Like all Yoga, there are multiple benefits, including to learn how to connect with ourself. Here some of those:

  • Cultivate gratitude for the body.

  • Flexibility of the body and mind

  • Allowing ourself to slow down

  • Self compassion

  • Discover our emotions and transcend them

  • Reduce stress and anxiety 

  • Improve joints mobility

  • Elongates and stretches tight muscles

  • Helps to promote mindfulness

  • And much more...

5- Why shall you make time for Yin Yoga in your busy week?

Our life is guided by a Yang energy and bring some Yin (feminine, Earth, moon, gentle, intuition, etc.. ) in our everyday  is a must do. That is why I like this Monday class as it allows us to start the week gently, though some people might enjoy the midweek class and others Friday or weekends ones. Everyone is different, you body will be different today and tomorrow. 

Helen is now in Biarritz (south west of France) and is a citizen of the world so will happily travel to meet you for exclusive retreats.  

She is giving private lessons only and I strongly invite you to reach out to her to learn about Iyengar and how she can guide you through healing and aligning your body with Iyengar and her wisdom. I miss her a lot here in Paris as she has been and still is a great inspiration for my yin yoga classes and quantum coaching.

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