What Clients Say

"So much more came out of working with Penelope than I could have ever expected prior to signing up to a coaching package with her. Not only did she successfully and gracefully help me detach from an extremely unhealthy relationship with a narcissist and false light cult that was completely destroying my life… Penelope also helped me to rediscover my purpose. With a playful spirit on each of our sessions, we worked through many subconscious fears and blocks showing up in my relationship with myself and others, opening up new pathways to flourish in every single area of my life. For the first time in my life, I learned how to set healthy boundaries with myself and others… not an easy thing to do as an empath! After an energy session on abundance, to my surprise, I even received an unexpected six thousand dollar check in the mail the very next day! Like what?! I continuously found myself blown away by the mystery and joy of how amazing life can be when you reclaim your sovereignty from old and outdated ways of living and relationships. That’s exactly what Penelope’s coaching helped me with the most: she was the only coach I’ve ever worked with who taught me how totrust myself to live the life I truly came here to live. If you’re thinking about signing up with Penelope, perhaps after witnessing the positive results your friends continue to have with her coaching, then I encourage you to stop waiting and go for it. All of your expectations will be far surpassed as Penelope’s humble spirit will show up completely and totally to hold space for you to quantum jump into your highest and most aligned reality. That is what happened for me and I hope that is what happens for you. All it takes is your will to change and your trust in yourself which Penelope is highly trained and highly capable expert in helping you to discover. If you’ve ever thought about working with her, do it. You will not regret it."

Date: 1st of October 2022


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