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"Virginie is a true listener. Her energy flows beyond borders and oceans. Virginie helped me find answers and new ways to organise myself.
I am very grateful."

- Artist

Washington DC

"The work with Virginie has been extremely positive for me on many levels.

In fact, I was able to distance myself from what I was going through, which allowed me to listen to myself better, to review my priorities and to make decisions in a calm and conscientious way, both personally and professionally.

I have returned to the center of my own life and I feel more entrenched and alive. More happy and confident too.

Her kindness, her respect for who I am have allowed this work to be done smoothly despite the speed with which the changes have operated.

A the end were beautiful work, a beautiful discovery. "

- Architecte 

"Beautiful connection !

Virginie with kindness and natural evidence will lead you to your path and your emotions.

An guidance that enriches you and makes you evolve both personally and professionally. "

- Financial Officer