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Penelope Hardy

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Penelope is a multifaceted individual with a diverse background and a deep passion for personal growth, holistic well-being, and supporting individuals in their transformative journeys. 


Originally from France, Penelope was raised in a culturally rich environment that instilled in her a love for exploration and an appreciation for diverse perspectives. Penelope initially believed that happiness lays in following the prescribed path of her family lineage, living a fairy tale life as the model daughter and wife, adhering to protocols and societal expectations of decency. However, everything changed one day when she found the courage to speak her truth aloud, realising that despite living a life resembling Cinderella's story, true happiness remained elusive. 

This profound revelation marked the end of one chapter and the beginning of an extraordinary personal quest.


In 2011, Penelope had a near-death experience (NDE) that served as a catalyst for her awakening and transformation. This pivotal event opened her eyes to the deeper meaning of life and the importance of living authentically.

With a strong academic foundation in finance and later on gemmologie (GIA), Penelope developed expertise in both the financial realm and the captivating world of gemstones. She also delved into the profound teachings of the Enneagram, particularly through the renowned Riso & Hudson approach, gaining valuable insights into human behaviour and personal development.

Driven by a curiosity about the mind-body connection and holistic wellness, Penelope explored various modalities, including Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) and Sophrologie. These deepened her understanding of the power of the subconscious mind, emotional healing, and inner transformation.


Professionally, Penelope has a wealth of experience from working on trading floors in prominent financial hubs such as London, Hong Kong, and Paris. This exposure to high-pressure environments honed her ability to navigate complex situations and cultivate a resilient mindset.

Currently based in Paris, Penelope draws upon her international experiences, having also lived in vibrant cities like London and Hong Kong. With an English and Greek background, she brings a unique blend of cultural influences to her work, fostering cross-cultural understanding and connection. In addition to her native French and English fluency, Penelope is currently expanding her linguistic repertoire also in the early stages of improving her Italian and Spanish, eagerly embracing the opportunity to expand her skills. This commitment to learning and connecting with others reflects her dedication to continuous growth and cultural exchange.


As a dedicated parent of two children, Penelope deeply understands the challenges and joys of parenthood. This personal experience fuels her empathy and compassion when working with individuals facing similar situations, and it allows her to offer valuable support and guidance.

Gifted with intuitive abilities, Penelope is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient, perceiving the world through heightened senses. She possesses the ability to channel higher wisdom and insights, guiding others on their paths of self-discovery and healing.

Hyper-sensitive and highly perceptive, she brings a deeply empathetic approach to her coaching and support. Her personal experiences have cultivated a profound understanding of the impact of mind manipulation and controlling relationships, empowering her to provide guidance and tools for individuals seeking to reclaim their autonomy and well-being.

As a self-proclaimed student of the universe, Penelope embraces an expansive worldview and seeks to create a safe and transformative space for her clients. Her specialty lies in supporting highly sensitive and gifted individuals, those with ADHD (AHTS), and individuals who have experienced mind manipulation and controlling dynamics. Through her coaching, she empowers clients to harness their unique strengths, overcome challenges, and cultivate a sense of self-empowerment and inner freedom.

n addition to her versatile background and talents mentioned earlier, Penelope is also a Yin Yoga instructor. She conducts yoga classes in a small group setting within a private, beautiful apartment. She offers a serene and intimate space for individuals to practice Yin Yoga, focusing on deep stretching and relaxation. Additionally, Penelope provides private yoga classes upon request, tailoring the sessions to the specific needs and goals of her clients. Her expertise in Yin Yoga further enhances her ability to support individuals in their holistic well-being and transformative journeys.


In summary, Penelope is a multi-faceted individual who embodies a rich tapestry of experiences, talents, and spiritual gifts. Her journey of self-discovery, combined with their professional expertise and genuine passion for personal growth, allows her to guide and support others on her own transformative paths.

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