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Rainey Highley

My own journey to authenticity began almost 25 years ago after graduating from one of the USA’s top law schools and embarking on a career as a corporate attorney. With a growing sense of dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and a gut feeling that something just wasn’t right, I left the practice of law to discover my authentic calling. My journey took me from executive legal headhunting to publishing my first book, Divine Macroverse, in 2010. Not yet ready to face my authentic self, I basically went into hiding after marketing, no advertising, barely even a website! With no authenticity coach to help guide me, I began a decade long journey of trying to discover how my deeper spiritual calling would fit into my corporate life.

This journey led me to travel the world...from the pyramids in Egypt to swimming with whales in Rurutu (between Tahiti and Antartica) to hugging the elephants in South Africa to visiting orphanages in Johannesberg to spending a week on a live-a-board boat in the Silver Bank during humpback whale mating season off the coast of the Dominican Republic to swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii to spending two years living on the coast of Melbourne, Australia to finally landing in Sedona, Arizona USA. These unforgettable life experiences contributed to my personal growth and manifested into my second book, The Water Code, which received a Living Now Book Award in 2012. During this time, I enjoyed returning to school to earn a 2nd bachelor’s degree, this time in Metaphysics. A year later, I received my Master’s Degree in Metaphysics and was honored with a Reverend designation by the Wisdom of the Heart Church.

In honor of the vast number of star children who incarnated to help the planet,I published a three-book children’s series, “The Dragon & The Whale” including The Long Lost Tale of the Dragon and the Whale; The Dragon, The Whale & The Rainbow; and the third book in the series, The Dragon, The Whale & The Dolphin. My two most recent releases, Radiant Opus: Healing Our Universe Through Harmony and SOUL FAMILY: Discover Your Authentic Soul Tribe both became Amazon #1 Bestselling books in two Amazon categories on their release date in November 2020.

After years of trying to make my authentic self “fit”, I found the courage to leave the corporate world behind and to step fully and completely onto my authentic path. This leap of faith opened the floodgates to such an overwhelming sense of joy, freedom, relief, and euphoria, that I decided to dedicate my life to helping others gain that same sense of fulfillment through life coaching and soul tribe teaching and guidance.

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