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Anahata Ka

Nature has always been my ally.

She speaks to me, and teaches me how to help and encourage living beings, to initiate a process of healing, be it physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

I learned from Nature that she can heal the body. She taught me how to make medicines with what she gave me. I also studied the importance of food for the proper functioning of our ground vehicle.

I then realized that I had a strong magnetism, and that it allowed me to heal those who came to me.

I received Reiki instruction, which allowed me to access my full potential, and which still helps me to master certain energies today.

Life has led me to realize my alchemical process and thus to channel high dimensional healing energies.

I also understood, and verified, that in terms of energy, there is no time or distance, and that the benefits of treatment are the same both visually and remotely.

I work almost exclusively from a distance, circulating energies through me and transmitting them to other people for healing.

I am also a gunner, in the purest tradition of the Secret.


See you soon for bright sharing,


Personalized care online:


  • Healing body's energy: € 55 / person

  • Cutting Fire: Free

  • Check my Website for Oil & Elixirs

  • Check my Website for Healing Jewelry

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