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Trust Issue

There is a trust issue only when there is control in the relationship. 

You blame the other one for breaking the trust but at the end you are responsible for it. Telling something or sharing something with someone?

Trust is a creation of the mind...

Trust is a mind controlled well organised manipulation.

If I tell you: "I trust you", I am placing you in a higher position compare to other people. At the same time, if you are worthy of my trust, then I am placing myself into an even higher position. Hummm... 

Therefor, if you betray my trust towards you, you automatically place yourself into a victim with guilt, anger & co.... you are then coming down from your throne and so do I.

As I will act with my pain of betrayal, I will blame you, accuse you and both of us will feel bad as the message comes from a ego/ mental state.

Is there such a thing as trust? A lot of people will say: "This is a base of every relationship" I used to agree and prone this statement. Yet, today I don't know as if trust is a creation of the mind, and the mind being the ego,then the ego will automatically play its role and try to control the relationship that will not be pure any longer.

If trust is a creation of the mind, so is a lie?

Virginie Beck-Friis

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