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The ego or the e-Go ?

This new generation of consummation...    

This new generation that wants it all now.

Suddenly you have a great connection with someone, your ego is telling you: "Oh whooooaaaaa, she or he must be the one, my soulmate and the you move to the e-GO. You will Google he or her eventually. Do you have friends in common? What are you interests? Are they the same?

Suddenly, it is e-Go... Let's go right away, let's have it now, let's do it now... It feels like on a race course, on the starting blocks ---- e-Go!!! Am I going to score? Am I going to win? I will think about that later as I need it now... I am telling you, I need it NOW... Do you realise that in fact "time" is very subjective and that so call connection that you felt might be, just a connection, it might just have been for that "now" moment and that's it and that's fine... Do you realise that if you actually see that same person again you might not feel anything and even be disappointed because you had expectation on placing her/ him at the same level at the "now" you had. It might also be amazing to see that person again, who knows? The experience was great... The dinner was amazing... You had a great time... You have been flattered... You had all the attention you needed tonight... And "now" what? And "now", how do you feel? Nourrish, empty, happy, sad, alone, in bliss, in need, missing she or he already, still enjoying or feeling like escaping, etc... Try to ask yourself and connect with how you really feel deep inside... How much did you enjoy that and if you are still en-joy(ing) it? Was it your ego that has been satisfied with your e-Go or are you actually still in the bliss space? Just feel... Go deeper and feel more... Try to feel what if you had waited a bit longer... Try to feel if you had surrender to the now without asking for anything... Try to feel within yourself what you tried to grab with the e-Go Is the e-Go always driven by the ego? I don't know...

Time, patience, expectation, vision...

What does it mean? Do I really need to know?

Just my ego who wants to know. Time is subjectif so it doesn't matter whether I know now, later or never... May be it doesn't matter, maybe that was just a connection to teach me something or not... Feel the energy, feel the other one without the ego nor the e-Go and be present in the now to experience what is... Why do you want to control the experience? If you are not happy or if you are bored, you can then press e-Go and it is over, is that it? This society where we use, we buy, we consume fast and now, right now... And then we throw away because we assume there is no value anymore. Only looking at the appearance of this apple, toy, man, woman, house, job, party, etc... And then you want more, you want a new one, you need another one, you need a better one... Where is the essence? When do you sit to just be, to just feel, to just dream, to just connect within yourself? I don't say this is easy everyday, I don't say I have the answer... I try, everyday I try... Sometime, like you, like others, my ego is taking over my thoughts and I want to go back to the e-Go control patterns and beliefs that I know so well...

But then within a few secondes or minutes, I remember that my E G O is my Worst Enemy...

Virginie Beck-Friis

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