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Sacred Frequencies

«If you want to uncover the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.» (Nikola Tesla)

The sacred frequencies, also called sacred music theory, ancient music theory, secret music theory or even solfeggio, are a particular range made up of nine frequencies: 174, 285, 396, 417, 528, 639, 741, 852 and 963 Hz. This rebalancing sacred music theory has many virtues on all levels of being. Facilitate change, develop intuition, free oneself from fears and guilt, improve relationships (and much more) thanks to sacred frequencies ...

We have known for a long time that sound and frequencies directly impact the physical body (Works by Marie-Louise Aucher) We also know that certain melodies, music, scales, harmonies or instruments influence a particular emotional and mental state. Frequencies and sounds induce images that both stimulate and structure consciousness and at the same time can release blocked emotions. Lenin once confessed, having just listened to a Beethoven sonata: "I can't listen to music too often, it makes me want to talk nonsense and stroke people's heads." We also know that certain frequencies heard and filtered, during sound therapy, will restore a stable state in one. The sacred frequencies function in the same way, acting on all planes of being: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

🟤 174 HZ - The foundation, the base. Sense of security, serenity.

Facilitates the feeling of anchoring and rooting, reduces physical pain, brings a sense of security, love and serenity.

285 HZ - Influence the energy field, regeneration

Revitalizes the system, participates in the regeneration of energy, helps in restructuring and eliminates dead cells.

🔴 396 HZ - 1st Chakra - Root - Free yourself from guilt and fear.

Restabilizes the root chakra, helps release feelings of guilt and fear, helps raise awareness of our blockages.

🟠 417 HZ - 2nd Chakra - Sacred - Facilitate change, transmute

Transmute traumatic experiences, support change, resolve difficulties, transform negative experiences.

🟡 528 HZ - 3rd Chakra - Solar Plexus - Transformation and miracles (DNA repair)

Repairs DNA, clarifies the mind, brings inner peace, in close connection with the golden ratio, stimulates intuition, concentration and imagination.

🟢 639 HZ - 4th Chakra - Heart - Reconnection and balance of relationships, unification, neural connections.

Harmonizes our social relationships, calms our conflicts, improves communication and increases love, understanding and tolerance.

🔵 741 HZ - 5th Chakra - Throat - Frequency of awakening and activating intuition, self-expression. Problem resolution.

Brings awakening and increases intuition, eliminates toxins, helps to resolve different types of conflicts, develops self-expression.

🟣 852 HZ - 6th Chakra - Third Eye - Awakening of intuition and return to spiritual order, Unconditional Love.

Bring towards the truth and lift the veil on illusions, restore spiritual order, induce unconditional love, transform cells to a higher level.

963 HZ - 7th Chakra - Crown - Mastery, connection to universal energy, feeling of oneness.

Brings a sense of oneness, reconnection to the universe and light, activates the 3rd eye chakra, helps express our truth and true nature.

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