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Dear all, For years, the Universe has been asking us to look after our planet, to center and ground ourselves and try to find within each one of us the reasons that keep us from moving forward and heal our wounds.Unfortunately, our work has not been sufficient  or not many of us have actually thought about it. We were too busy with “have to’s” and “must’s”, too involved with our jobs, our families, always running away from the true reality of the present. Today, the planet is showing us the way and forcing us to return to our inner being, to connect with ourselves. Some of us have to face loneliness for the first time. Others experience the group effect over a long period. All of this awakens still unknown emotions and a form of unexpected behavior in some. No matter where you are today, alone, surrounded by others in an apartment or in a house by the sea, it depends where your cursor had been set at the outset. I am now in Paris with my daughter while my son is in the South of Sweden with one of his boarding school friends.  He is doing well there but misses his parents. You might say that at the age of 18, that can be an unusual situation.Today my daughter is celebrating her sixteenth birthday. In fact, she is organizing a “House Party” with her friends this evening, her first virtual birthday. I am convinced that we and our children will learn a lot from these experiences. I am writing to you after a long process of reflection to offer you new experiences. First of all, rest assured, coaching sessions are still running (via Zoom or WhatsApp). A new “Wellbeing” tab has been added to regular Meditation and Relaxation sessions, Yoga Classes and some easy and healthy cooking recipes. More to come on this tab.You can make an appointment for private lessons, sessions and find out more about energy, cleansing and care. You can also contact teachers for virtual private lessons.

Here is what I have in store for you in the coming days with regard to “Emotional Healing”:

  • Mutual Development with 10 people maximum on the themes I am going to suggest, with your own needs in mind

  • Family coaching sessions

  • Discovering the Enneagram with your predominant Personality Type

  • Setting up a routine with small children

  • Managing  teens

  • Coping with loneliness

  • Home schooling

  • etc ...


“We are not what we perceive. Change what you perceive and you will change what you experience "                                                        David Icke

✨ Let the light pass through your heart ✨ A complete reset of our planet is underway. Stay in your highest frequencies and your unconditional love. Do not line up with fears and connect with your truth of heart. Always trust your intuition. 🙏


Love is the key to freedom. I hope this email finds you well and remember that I am here to help you. Virginie Beck-Friis * The rates have been softened in order to alleviate potential financial difficulties for some of you..

Emotional Healing co-development with Virginie:  *Planning in Process Iyengar Yoga All levels with Helen: Tuesdays 17h30 - 18h30  Saturdays 17h00 - 18h00  Breathing with Helen: Sundays 9h00 - 9h30  Meditation with Helen: Mondays & Thurdays 10h00 - 10h30

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