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Nacera L.

Clairvoyant and Clair-audiante, I have always been guided to help and support humans.

Over the course of my life, I have trained in many wellness techniques: Reiki Master, energetician and I am currently training in Sophrology.

I met Virginie during our philosophical workshop training with Frederic Lenoir as part of the SEVE Foundation.

Today, I specialise in psychic attacks and entity attachments by doing Energetic Clearing. I also teach people through my Intuitive Consultation of Energy Clearing & Advice to become aware of everything that surrounds them and how to protect themselves in order to find more serenity and inner peace.

I also help a lot of children in difficulty, whether they are TDHA, autistic, speech blocked and others.

I currently live in Paris and have been doing remote cleaning for a number of years.
Thanks to my ability to capture information at the level of your energy field, I support you in the release of your emotional blockages. All memories, life experiences are saved at the level of cellular memories. By reading and energetic care, I help you to understand your blockages and to overcome them.

With light & love 

Personalised care online:


  • Energy clearing of the body & mind: € 90 / person

  • Energy clearing of your place of residence: € 150

  • Accompanying children: € 50 / hour

  • Monthly Follow up: € 50 / person

*For home and Presential personal car please add transportation

** Package available on demand

*** Country house or office on quote