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Raised in France, I lived the life my country expected from me, I played the role that kept my family happy, being myself was my own inner fantasy. 

When I came to the US to study at age 20, I was for the first time disconnected from my native obligations. This was the beginning of my path to self acceptance, forgiveness, and allowing myself to be who I was always afraid to be. 

Through research and personal experience, I understood how unresolved traumatic experiences influence our entire lives, especially those of early childhood age 0-6.

Our personal behaviors transpire in our collective life to become collective behaviors, consciously or subconsciously.

Adventuring around the world I have learned from many cultures. From personal and professional circumstances, I have met people from a broader spectrum of humanity; from the poorest to the richest, from the youngest to the oldest, from the unaware to the aware, from the healthiest to the sickest, from unknown to famous, etc.

Following a life path from non-existence to total existence, I am now guiding individuals and organizations to operate in authenticity.  


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