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Penelope's story

©Arnaud Mouillevois

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Passionate About Inspiring Others


I took my inspiration in my own personal growth journey to become self aware and learn how to integrate the experience into my life. Those experiences, combined with multiple trainings to become a Life & Spiritual Guide, led me to deeply believe that we are here to consciously grow to gain a clear and true understanding of reality. 


This is at the heart of my desire to help others with finding their true-self.

With Love,


For nearly 30 years, I have been guided by beliefs and mental patterns. I believed that happiness consisted in following my family line and living in a fairy tale, being the model daughter and wife who respects the protocols and decency ...

Until the day I heard myself aloud, "I have been living Cinderella's life since I was born and yet I'm not happy ... I just finished the book." 

That day, I chose to unlock my chains despite this feeling of guilt and to embark on a crazy challenge in the eyes of many: to Live my True Life. I divorced and braved judgment, incomprehension, non-acceptance.

Second big break through of awareness, October 3, 2011, crossing the street after a day at work, I am hit by a car and make a glide of more than 15 meters, I experience a NDE (near death experience) and escape my body where my survival challenges the laws of science ... All my codes and beliefs are turned upside down again.

Questions come in droves ... Why am I here? Why am I still alive? What is my path and my reason for being? I then let myself be guided by my intuition and start different courses, from gemology to psyche and many others ... Those courses as well as the adventure I experience accompany my transformation towards my-SELF.  And I find, step by step, a new life thanks also to my unshakeable faith in the Love of life and the Everything is possible.


The days follow one another and my awareness is growing, then one evening, a friend asks me: "You never thought of becoming a coach?"; My body is then crossed by electricity, I feel the accuracy of these words.

My vocation as a "Guide" to accompany people not to be dictated their life but to fulfil their biggest wishes so that they, in turn, become light for others then appeared to me as obvious.


That's how I moved from the financial markets where I managed teams in London, Hong Kong and Paris to the recruitment of Women for Boards of Directors and today, Quantum Coach & Emotional Healing by giving meaning, to allow everyone to free themselves from mental patterns, wounds and beliefs.


At the end of 2016, I take off by launching A Wish Link to guide people to reconnect with themselves in order to know each other better, become the best version of themself and create a bond with others, because the mission becomes interesting, fun and lively when we move from " I “ to " We ".


Penelope Hardy (aka Virginie Beck-Friis)

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