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ABOUT virginie

With over 20 years of professional experience in finance and human resources all over the world,  I have a deep understanding of business relationships and how they work. I have always been able to respond to the demand of high level clients while remaining passionate in bringing the best for everyone as well as to bring out the talent in each one.

My need to understand the existence, the resonance and the human being closely led me to follow numerous trainings from Gemology to Psyche to feed my curiosity and the diversity of my interests.

In 2016, my love for humanity and my desire to help develop the potential of everyone guided me to established my consulting company "A Wish Link" with the main activity being Coaching & Emotional Healing.


©Arnaud Mouillevois

©Arnaud Mouillevois

Highway to Freeway

About Quantum Coaching 

& Emotional Healing

Quantum Coaching is a 360 degree Coaching

Depending on your needs, your expectations, we will go together to choose the most appropriate tools for you and your teams.

Quantum coaching adapts to everyone, young and old, in your personal and professional life because everything is connected.

We will go together from the ONE by observing your true essence and the limits that you put to yourself to be yourself to the ALL to allow you to unravel your sovereignty.

Emotional Healing is a journey inwards through all the emotional memories, not only understand a past experience, but to resolve it fully, so that it has no emotional response whatsoever. With Emotional Healing, the past traumatic experience will no longer control our thoughts, feelings and emotions. This is the healing journey back to love, wholeness, and authenticity. It is not the absence of emotions. 


Emotional Healing means that your past is no longer a barrier to living the life that you want to live.

What We Specialise In

"Virginie is a true listener. Her energy flows beyond borders and oceans. Virginie helped me find answers and new ways to organise myself.
I am very grateful."

- Artist

Washington DC

"The work with Virginie has been extremely positive for me on many levels.

In fact, I was able to distance myself from what I was going through, which allowed me to listen to myself better, to review my priorities and to make decisions in a calm and conscientious way, both personally and professionally.

I have returned to the center of my own life and I feel more entrenched and alive. More happy and confident too.

Her kindness, her respect for who I am have allowed this work to be done smoothly despite the speed with which the changes have operated.

A the end were beautiful work, a beautiful discovery. "

- Architecte 

"Beautiful connection !

Virginie with kindness and natural evidence will lead you to your path and your emotions.

An guidance that enriches you and makes you evolve both personally and professionally. "

- Financial Officer


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